Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fun project 2D cupcake made out of paper

Hello, everyone it is another day and I would love to share with you a fun project you can do with the kids at home. My daughter came home last week from school with a neat art project she did. She told me they got to make there very own large cupcakes out of paper and that she had so much fun making it.
After seeing the finished cupcake I thought that would be a fun idea for my blog to share with my followers. The picture below is the completed cupcake she brought home from school.

The supplies you are going to need are different colors of construction paper, different colors of a thicker paper like card stock, a bottle of Elmer's glue, and a scissors.

Step: 1 choose a two pieces of card stock paper to make the cupcake and another sheet to make the cupcake holder.

Step: 2 take one piece of card stock and using the scissors cut it into the shape of the cupcake, after you finish cutting the cupcake out set it aside and grab the other piece of card stock and use the scissors and cut it into the shape of the cupcake holder or paper.

Step: 3 take the cupcake holder you just cut out set it on a hard surface like the table or counter top. Going the long way from left to right fold the paper up then down to make the folds in the cupcake paper as shown on the picture.

Step: 4 Now take the different colors of construction paper and choose what color you are going to want for the frosting on the cupcake. My daughter chose pink for her frosting with different colored sprinkles and a red cheery on top.

Step: 5  take the colored construction paper you chose for the frosting and tear it into pieces, tear enough pieces so you can fill up the whole cupcake. Using the Elmer's glue take each piece one by one and glue it onto the cupcake, make sure to fill in the whole cupcake with the paper.

Step: 6 take different colors of construction paper and cut out strips of different colors to make sprinkles to put on the cupcake, cut then to your desired size to fit your cupcake.

Step: 7 take a piece of red construction paper and using the scissors cut out a circle to make the cheery that will go on top. using the glue, glue on the sprinkles and the cherry on to the cupcake.

Step: 8 using the glue take the cupcake and glue it onto the cupcake holder and there you have it your done and now you have your very own 2D cupcake.

I hope you enjoyed this fun art project, I sure had fun teaching it to you. have a great rest of your day and as always stay safe and have fun.

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