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Thursday, April 13, 2017

What to Do Something Special in Easter Day

Author: goyalchaman

"Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life" -S.D. Gordon

That's what Easter is resurrection of a new life! The lush green leaves and the yellowish flowers peep in with the spring season. Easter is the most important festival as well as a holiday for the Christian community. Easter Day 2017 is on 16th of April. Easter eggs, gifts, candies and bunnies are the commonest form of Easter Celebration. Let me give you some tips on Easter Day celebrations.

Easter Party celebration is incomplete without the Easter eggs. It speaks about fertility…key to the family happiness. Easter egg decoration is the most favourite activity of the Christmas. Easter egg competitions are also being organized in some of the places as well. In China, Easter eggs are given as gifts to celebrate spring. Some of the delicious egg recipes for Easter 2017 are Seder meal on Easter Sunday, Chorizo and Egg Frittata, Egg Salads, Creamy Scrambled Eggs, Chocolate eggs, Baked eggs along with spinach and hash browns etc.

There are quite a few number of games played during Easter parties. Dozen Egg game (where the participants will be given a box containing a dozen of eggs; one who finishes it first stands to be the winner), Easter Basket Hide and Seek (people will have to hunt for the Easter eggs), Hidden coupons (gifting surprise dinner coupons to your beloved ones) and many more. 

Easter Bunny is another exclusive game for the kids. Easter Bunny is the same as Santa Claus in Christmas. Hares and rabbits are the symbol for fertility, thus called Spring Bunnies. Children expect different kinds of gifts from them like candies, chocolates, clothes, cards etc. Corner Easter Party is also an interesting game…it is more of like a musical chair. Each child will have to run to four corners of the wall tuning with the music. One who is left at the last will be the winner. Your kids will also love the Coloured Easter egg game where the eggs are dipped into different colours of dyes.

You can also spend some time with your family on Easter holidays and vacations. Cruise is also an exquisite for Easter parties. While celebrating Easter, you must be worried about the budget as well! Greek is then the ideal for you to celebrate. You can find many inexpensive holiday packages for Greece. Dubrovnik, Katakolon, Venice, Bari etc. are the ultimate places for Cruise Easter Parties. You can also visit places like Parthenon, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athena Nike temple etc. Czech Republic is known for Easter party celebrations and Prague is the main centre of attraction there. Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square are the Easter markets where you can buy various Easter crafts and paintings. Many palaces and monuments are there making you feel nostalgic about fairy tales. Music concerts are being performed at Basilica in St. James. An Easter exhibition is being conducted at the neo Gothic Sychrov.

If you want keep your Easter Party simple, the best way is to arrange for a Garden Easter Party. You can invite guests with plants to exchange among themselves so that they can take those homes and experience a beautiful green spring on their terraces.

How can you forget food in your Easter party celebration? Home- made pastries, cakes, muffins, cookies are some of the exclusive attractions in the Easter party.

Make special easter 2017 with some ideas on easter party. Enjoy easter day with your family and friends. Find, how to make easter egg on easter sunday and more.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/what-to-do-something-special-in-easter-day-2415738.html

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ideas For Super Heroes Kids Party

Author: alfred21

One of one of the most famous super hero syndicates is the Justice League. It's so famous mainly because it has many one of the most well-known super heroes in it, including Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. If your son or daughter likes the Justice League, you'll find lots of crafts and projects which they can do so that you can have fun with these characters. They will keep them busy and will also teach them ways to make art and other things that could assist them later in life.

one of the most famous Justice League character is arguably Superman. He is brave and strong and will assist persons who are in have to have. mainly because of this, your youngsters could possibly uncover which they genuinely admire Superman and need to be him. If this is the case, you and your youngsters can make an uncomplicated costume so which they can pretend being Superman anytime they want. Just have them make the S emblem out of felt. You'll be able to then attach it to any blue shirt which they currently own. You'll be able to also make a cape out of blue fabric too.

Then again, your child could possibly choose the dark nobility of the Justice League character, Batman. If that is the case, You'll be able to make the bat symbol spotlight that is often featured inside shows and movies. All you have to have is often a flashlight, scissors, tape, and some black construction paper. Cut out a bat symbol from the paper and stick the result over the lens of the flashlight. This way, your kid can pretend to summon Batman anytime he wants.

So what do you do for decorations at your subsequent super hero party? The obvious goods to uncover would be the plates, napkins, and tablecloths for that table. You'll be able to even uncover matching balloons and streamers. But the fun part is whenever you get to shop for that goody bags. You'll be able to simply uncover the corresponding gift bags for that youngsters. Perhaps you need to stuff the baggies with super hero tattoos or stickers. Or Perhaps you'll go for a pencil or action figurine. The ideas are endless for that inside of a goody bag. You'll be able to uncover all of these products online and inside comfort of the own residence.

The super hero idea can work for anyone's youngsters. This is a safe and uncomplicated way to liven up a party. Commence planning your child's subsequent theme party these days.

Alfred Russel is a writer who writes for blogs covering various themes. To investigate more on kids super hero party just go here

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/ideas-for-super-heroes-kids-party-1661929.html

About the Author: Writing articles is my passion, especially about topics related to travel and adventure trips.

Develop Your Kids In Arts And Crafts Activities

Hey, everyone, I am sorry that it's been a while. My computer had a little work done to make it run faster. The good thing is I'm back and I came across an interesting article. I hope you like it and as always have fun and stay safe

Author: morgarick

Kids are always interested in trying out something new with the passage of time. In fact there are many activities that are available just for the children as they are the only one who is having enough time along with them to spend in taking part in different activities in the right manner. These activities are in a way helping the kids a lot in developing themselves in the perfect manner without facing any kinds of issues. Creativity can be considered as one of the most important thing that is required by an individual and childhood can be considered as the best time wherein you could develop your creative skills in taking part in different manual activities rather than getting seated in front of the computers all the time.

Jewelry making can be considered as one of the most common activity in which the kids are getting engaged with the passage of time. In fact there are different types of jewelry making wherein the one which involves manual skills using different colored beads are considered as the perfect one for kids as they are able to get hold of many imaginative skills along with the development of the color sense. Girls can be considered as those who are actually interested in taking part in the events more than the guys as these kids could themselves make out the jewelry for their personal use. In fact it is the duty of the parents to give them the required level of encouragement in carrying out the task effectively by providing them all the required materials in transforming to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

You just need to get hold of thread and beads of different color and it is true that you could get hold of these accessories within limited amount wherein you need not have to make any kind of huge payment. In a way you could even control your expenses as kids will be able to make up their own jewelry for different outfits wherein there is no requirement to get hold of them by going to the shop as it really cost good amount of money in the retail shops. You could even check on the internet to get more simple ideas wherein kids could naturally get skilled in this act with the passage of time. There are even online markets to buy the beads for jewelry making wherein you could save good amount of money.

Children love Precious Sparkle Beads for Jewellery Making to make all sorts of things with their hands, which is a passion best encouraged by arts and crafts activities. Help your kids in learning Pottery Painting uk who wants to express themselves through their rooms in ways that are decorated with the personalities in their mind.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/develop-your-kids-in-arts-and-crafts-activities-2275550.html

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photo Canvas - A Special Way of Displaying Family Photos

Author: Jason Kymerton .

Everyone has photos of their family and everyone has precious moments captured on film. You can have something utterly original in the form of photo canvas printing. What’s more, you have many more uses for photo canvas than you ever would with regular photos. On photo canvas, you can highlight the best moments in your family life and put them on center stage in your living room. Now, the greatest moments of your life aren’t for you alone but you can share it with everyone, other family members and friends who come to visit your home and it’s all through photo canvas printing.

When you have big batch of photos from a recent family event and you’ve chosen the best shots from there, you can have these photos hanging on your wall like art when you get them on a photo canvas. The benefit for making use of photo canvas printing is that you can go ahead and display a photo in your living room where everyone will be able to see it. Being a beautiful form of art, you can also turn this photo canvas into a family heirloom. Old photos of the matriarch of the family can be hanging above the mantle just like you see in the most glamorous of homes.

What about the candid moments with your family at the beach, at a child’s game etc? Photo canvas printing provides you with a lot of options. You can choose a specific part of the photo to be placed in the photo canvas and that alone would be a great work of art for your family room. If the background of the photo is less than desirable but the moment you captured on film is just priceless, photo canvas printing can easily take the background out and you’ll be left with a beautiful memory of the moment. Don’t forget about your pets. Pets are also members of the family and if you want their photos transformed into a work of art, you can put them on a photo canvas too.

With photo canvas printing and photo canvas, your favorite family photo can be easily enlarged for hanging on the wall. You can transform your photos into a great work of art. You might also like to try being artistic with your photos and get something one photo canvas in the form of pop art. Now you can always relive the fun and happy moments of your life with your family and friends. When your photos are hanging on the wall, you’ll always be able to see them and other will also be able to see them. There will be no better centerpiece in the rooms of your home than a family photo on photo canvas.

Photo canvas printing and photo canvas centers on the best work of art, your family. At the center of it all, photo canvas highlights the best moments of your life and puts them in the limelight.

Jason Kay is the author of this article on Photo Canvas Reviews. Find more information on Canvas People Reviews here.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/photo-canvas--a-special-way-of-displaying-family-photos-2180559.html

Easy to make Arts and Crafts for Kids

Author: Criss White

Kiddie parties should be lively and full of fun activities. Youngsters these days are so addicted to simply playing video games. It's a shame that these children lose out other creative activities. It's about time they get their creative juices pumping! Turn off those computers, stuff them in the closet and start a party they will never forget. Try these kiddie arts and crafts with your young ones and have fun yourself.

1) Easy homemade party cupcakes

Simply make regular or chocolate cupcakes. Let the children make their own toppings by supplying them icing in a variety of colors like blue, red, white and green. To make the cupcakes unique, add more decorations like sugar flowers, gum drops, chocolate chips or fresh fruits. What's best is that they get to eat or bring home their cupcake creations. It's best that you arrange a sizeable work space for this as things will get messy.

2)  Green gardening

One good way to keep the children occupied and to promote caring for the environment is to have a gardening event. Prepare small pots, soil, seedlings/ plants, paint and paint brushes. Choose gardening tools that are good for little hands like hand shovels, latex gloves and watering cans. Provide a work area where the kids can paint and design their pots. Let them to fill the pots with dirt and seedlings, encouraging them to care for their plants so they will grow. These are perfect party souvenirs that children will enjoy for months to come.

3)  Customized fashion flip-flops

This next idea is aimed to develop the fashion expert in the child.  Provide the children with some inexpensive flip-flops in various colors and sizes.  From gift supply store, you can purchase some ribbons, glue gun and a variety of trimmings. Trimmings can range from flower accents, gemstones, beads and feathers.  It really all depends on the theme of the party.  At the work area, allow the children to select their flip-flops and decorations. Always supervise them when they are using glue guns but let them choose the decorations they want for their flip-flops.  This is a unique art and craft project they can actually wear.

4) Homemade kiddie accesories

Many children like to wear accessories. From your favorite art shop, simply purchase a beading set for kids that will allow them to make customized necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even key chains.  One great tip is to find "letter beads" which they can use to spell-out different names. This is a fun activity that kids will surely enjoy. What's more is that they can make a number of accessories that they can proudly present to their moms or dads.

Don't forget, kid parties are all about enjoyment. Provide kids with original and delightful things they will need to make your party a successful arts and crafts event.

Criss White is a professional writer on baby and wedding topics. For more arts and craft related suggestions, like diaper cakes  (http://www.mybabyshowerfavors.com/diapercakes.html), visit My Baby Shower Favors blog.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/easy-to-make-arts-and-crafts-for-kids-1595148.html

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Creativity with Paper

Author: Anne

There are many things that you could do with paper. Paper is a very useful commodity at home, school or at the office. I could not imagine a student enduring a day at school without having to use paper nor a business executive getting through all day’s work without paper. More than being a medium for communication, paper really has its perks. You could actually explore your creativity through paper.

Schools, for one, are often using paper to enhance the creativity of their students. Most arts and crafts projects would require students to use a piece of paper and express themselves there. There are more than a hundred paper projects that are often done in the arts and crafts class.

There is something called as a card making project. This project teaches students to explore their imagination to come up with a card design and at the same time a very personal and heartwarming message on the card. We also have this so-called, “origami”. Also, known as the art of paper folding, origami is the Japanese’s way of enforcing creativity and discipline among its students. The careful way of folding the origami paper in order to create something beautiful is one way to hone the discipline skills of the students.

Of the entire arts and crafts project at school, my favorite is the one that would ask you to make a paper flower. Before, when someone gives you a paper flower, you should easily conclude that their love for you is artificial and untrue. But now, I beg to defer. It seems like making a paper flower is harder than buying some fresh ones at the flower shop. We should also never discount that fact that as compared to the natural flower, paper flower lasts forever.

Paper flowers are already a hit thing nowadays. It is not only popular among kids or during valentine days. People all around the world have already made a better sense and use with these wonderfully made paper flower. For one, paper flowers could be used as a home décor. Decorating your home with paper flowers makes it very cozy and beautiful. It is also practical since unlike fresh flowers, paper flowers are here to stay.

Each part of the house would need a different kind of paper flower. For example, the kitchen could really use some bright colored paper flowers that could always remind you of the beauty of the outdoors. On the other hand, paper flowers with calming colors are perfect for your living room since it gives a relaxing affect on your mood. Using crepe paper or tissue paper you can make a carnation of any color that you want.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/creativity-with-paper-2215144.html

Friday, March 24, 2017

Art Craft Kids

Author: Charles Solomon

Arts and crafts shops are the most obvious spots to go if you're searching for your next arts and crafts challenge but it helps in the event you know how and when to store them and in case you believe outside of the box when it comes to spots to acquire your supplies.

Shop finish of season product sales

Shopping for yr round is an excellent approach to save funds when you will be acquiring craft supplies. Right after the end of yr holidays many arts and crafts retailers put their Christmas crafts on sale. This is a superb time to pick up holiday stickers and scrapbook paper at the same time as vacation fabric. After the Fourth of July look for red, white and blue items and stock up on pumpkin products after Halloween.

The change of season usually means a sale as the new product line comes in. When summer starts you will be able to find a wide assortment of pastel fabric and yarn too as flower motifs.

Buying calendar year round makes it easier whenever you do sit down for a venture due to the fact that you are extra likely to already have the supplies you will need on hand. If your initial arts and crafts venture with the year is often a scrapbook of the previous yr and you shopped sales the entire yr then it will probably be straightforward to sit down and produce your memory album. Since many craft projects can be somewhat pricey you are able to cut down on the price by shopping year round and at least spreading the expense out over a twelve months.

Hit the clearance aisles

You may perhaps be surprised at the clearance goods. Yarn is particularly high priced but when you discover it on clearance it is possible to stock up on a big amount of a top quality brand.

Wal-Mart always has a clearance aisle and in case you check it usually and look carefully you'll be able to often locate arts and crafts clearance solutions drastically marked down.

Also, be open minded after you search the sale aisle. Just mainly because an item is meant to be employed in 1 way doesn't mean you can not use it in an additional. Goods such as ribbons for little girl's hair can be utilized in scrapbooks while bargain fabric place mats is usually cut up for quilting pieces.

Sign up for the arts and crafts stores mailers

Quite a few arts and crafts shops have mailers that they send out regularly. This is a superb way to locate about income and get coupons to take with you after you go.

Want to learn more about crafts store, please visit us.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/art-craft-kids-1799435.html

About the Author: For more info about http://weddingreceptionsupplies.org/, please visit us.


What You Need To Make Kids Crafts At Home, Plus Free Egg Box Bug Craft

Author: mmnewbold

Encouraging your child's creativity at home by creating imaginative craft items is very beneficial for their development.  Children can explore different textures, shapes and patterns, and discover how to put ideas into action by handling different materials, and sticking and gluing them together. Crafting can be great fun, and also a good way to spend some quality time with your children.

Buying craft supplies from a craft store can be quite costly, so why not start your own junk/scraps box at home.  All you need is a box or a large storage bag that you keep in a cupboard ready to store your household packaging.   It's easy to start collecting and is amazing how quickly your junk box or bag fills up with useful items.  Each time you are in the kitchen preparing meals, keep all your empty boxes, tubs or cardboard tubes that you would normally throw in the bin or recycle, and add these to your craft box.  Whenever you come across any interesting items, such as packaging and wrappers from birthday gifts or Christmas presents, you can put them in your box ready for when you want to make one of our crafts.  Collecting lots of different items will ensure an endless source of creative crafts.

Craft shops carry a huge range of different craft materials.  Why not visit your local store and buy a small variety of items to store in your box.  Look out for cheaper end of lines, two for the price of one, bargain buckets, and reduced price crafts that have damaged packaging. If you look out for these cheap deals, or just buy one or two inexpensive items per week, you will quickly build up a good stock of craft materials for your home craft projects. Look out for feathers, pom poms, wiggly eyes, wool, material, tissue paper, coloured paper and glitter.  Even at Christmas you could collect lots of shiny things to use, including small pieces of tinsel, wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, parcel twine, and shiny foil sweet wrappers.

While out on a shopping trip, check out fabric and material stores for fabric scraps, odd buttons, and for balls of cheap wool or yarn. Cookware and kitchen shops often sell cheap wooden spoons and spatulas. You can make a whole family of spoon puppets just by sticking fabric and wool onto spoons and drawing on faces with felt-tipped pens.

Don't forget to always have lots of paint, coloured crayons, glue and sticky tape at home!

Here is a free craft to help you design a cute Easter Hat. This is an easy craft, but very effective once done. Everyone will be asking you how you made it!

Egg Box Bug

You will need:
Two cardboard egg boxes,
Pipe Cleaners,
Wiggly eyes,
Poster paint - any colours you like,
Sticky tape,

To Make - Paint the outside of the egg boxes with poster paint. You can choose to colour the boxes however you like. Allow to dry completely.
Cut out one egg box in half along its spine.  Cut the second egg box in half, and cut out each of the six depressions from the base where the eggs normally sit. These will make the six feet for your bug.
Attach each foot to the end of a pipe cleaner using sticky tape to make a leg. Then using sticky tape, stick the free ends of the pipe cleaner legs to the flat lid of one of the egg boxes. Make sure you stick the legs along each side. Sit the creature on top of the spare egg box lid so the lids are stacked together. Secure with sticky tape if necessary. Stick the bottom part of the remaining egg box with the six depressions on top of the creature so it has a bumpy back.  Stick on some wiggly eyes, and use a pipe cleaner to make the bugs antennae.

Tip - You could decorate the bug in different colours, sprinkle on glitter or draw on patterns to colour in.

This craft and a lot more are available, along with photographs, in full colour, in our free Messy Tots mini-craft book by instant download. See the author details below to get your free copy today.

M Newbold is a prolific writer on many subjects. For a free full colour mini-craft book, visit:

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/what-you-need-to-make-kids-crafts-at-home-plus-free-egg-box-bug-craft-1264223.html

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Craft Projects – Top 25 Uses for Your Ribbon

Author: spacearticle

Craft Projects – Top 25 Uses for Your Ribbon 

Whether you have ribbon left over from Christmas, have just accumulated spools and spools from your scrapbooking projects, or have a secret addiction to buying cute ribbon, there is a way for you to put it to good use! 

Ribbon is a fairly inexpensive craft item, making it easy to get carried away. Every time you visit your local craft store there are new styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Instead of letting your ribbon addiction take over your life, let it take over your crafts by trying out these 25 ways to use your ribbon.

25 Ways to Use Your Ribbon

   1. Stamp on plain colored ribbon to create a completely new and personalized look.
   2. Create ribbon flowers and attach your “petals” with a button or rhinestone in the center.
   3. Tie ribbon in bows and put on your homemade cards.
   4. Tie spools around gift boxes and packages as a fancy decoration.
   5. Use ribbon to personalize the bottom of a lampshade. Tie around the base with a bow to match your space.
   6. Embellish your ribbon with buttons and tie around your wrist as a bracelet.
   7. Spice up your ponytail by wrapping it with a ribbon bow or use it as a headband to coordinate with your outfit.
   8. Tie ribbon around a vase to create a playful piece.
   9. Add ribbon around the base of a cake to create an elegant and classy finish.
  10. Tie leftover ribbon pieces on the rings of a spiral notebook.
  11. Weave together strips of ribbon to create one-of-a-kind placemats for your kitchen table.
  12. Frame your photos with coordinating or contrasting ribbon.
  13. Thread through cardstock and tie in a loop to create a personalized gift tag.
  14. Tie ribbon around jars in your kitchen to create a personalized and practical decoration.
  15. Sew ribbon on the edges of your pillow cases and bed sheets to match your bedroom.
  16. Hang a long piece of ribbon and use it to store and showcase your earrings and hair barrettes.
  17. Tie back your curtains with coordinating ribbon to let in extra light and to add a decorative touch.
  18. String your ribbon with beads to create a homemade necklace.
  19. Tie different ribbons into bows and use to decorate your Christmas tree instead of ornaments.
  20. Cut a strip of ribbon to create a cute bookmark for your favorite novel.
  21. Use thick ribbon as a belt to coordinate with any outfit.
  22. Tie around the binding of a scrapbook or photo album to personalize it.
  23. Tie ribbon around napkins to create inexpensive napkin holders for your next party.
  24. Use as inexpensive embellishments on your favorite scrapbooking pages.
  25. Make your own French ribbon board to showcase your photos and keepsakes.

After you’ve implemented all these great ideas to use your ribbon, it should free up some space in your craft room for some new spools. Guess it’s time to go shopping at your nearest craft store again!

Kington is an expert in the field of ribbon for crafts and has written various articles on that. To know more  craft ribbon.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/craft-projects--top-25-uses-for-your-ribbon-1760711.html

Fun & Quick Easter Craft

Hi, everyone  Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to share with you an article I found while I was searching the web that I thought was neat and fun to share. I hope you find the article interesting and as always stay safe and have fun.

Author: Fave Crafts

Spring is one of the most anticipated times of year…especially if you live in a colder climate.  The winter snow has melted away and cherry blossoms are blooming on that backyard tree.  It's time to brighten up your house with the signs of Easter!  Whenever you're in need for an instant craft, always look to the brown paper bag.  These bags are dirt cheap and have several uses ranging from decorative lanterns to holiday centerpieces.  Grab the kids and get ready for a fun and crafty afternoon.

With holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, decorating for Easter seems to get overlooked.  If you want to spruce up your Easter collection, a good place to start is with Easter Bunny Sacks.  Finding online instructions, the only things you will need to purchase are the sacks, tracing paper and whatever painting colors you desire.  Having a good supply of some basic paint colors will allow you to mix and create a broad range of other colors. 

Accessing an online crafting website, print off an Easter Bunny template designated for this particular project.  Carefully place your tracing paper right on top and copy the full design.  After you are completed with the tracing process, it's time to mix up your paints.  There should be instructions online for what paint colors would look best with the project, but ultimately the decision is yours!  Use your favorite Easter colors and watch the Easter Bunny Sacks come to life.  

After the bags have dried, stuff them with brightly colored Easter paper.  You now have a beautiful and unique gift bag, or a household decoration.  If you'd like, forget the tissue paper and use them as lantern bags to illuminate the front porch.  You can even loan these fabulous little sacks to the Easter Bunny for his annual "delivery."  Whatever you decide, you now have a fun and quick Easter Bunny template to look forward to every spring!

About Author:

The author Jennifer Stevens writes here about the most anticipated times of year, The Spring and it's the signs of Easter. She is talking about how to make quick Easter craft. She gives some idea to make Easter bunny templates. Also she learnt how to make free crochet patterns.  For more information on free knitting patterns, free crochet hat patterns visits www.favecrafts.com

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/fun--quick-easter-craft-828281.html

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Create Your Very Own Beauty Gift Baskets

Hi everyone, I hope everything is going well. I have always liked gifted baskets, and while I was searching the web I came across a neat article about creating your own beauty gift basket. I hope you enjoy the article and as always stay safe and have fun.

Author: rydergifts

Each year, we cannot wait for a holiday to come around, so that we can create out very own beauty gift baskets for the women that are in our life. You do not have to wait until a holiday to come around to create these baskets. We have just made it a tradition of ours. You can create these baskets for Christmas, birthdays, wedding parties, anniversaries, mother's day or just to say "thank you." Instead of going out to the store to purchase a gift basket, we found that creating our own is the best option for us.

Why do we like to create our own baskets? Well, there are many advantages to this. For one, it is fun to do. The main reason we like to personalize our gift baskets is so that we can get the products for the individual person. You see, many of those gift baskets do not have products that our friends and family members like.

Did you know that there are online stores you can turn to that will allow you to customize the gift baskets? All you have to do is select the product you want and they create it for you. We believe this is a great option for those individuals that want to customize the basket, but they do not feel like putting it all together.

You can also have those baskets delivered to the friends work place or home. We personally like to create ours, then leave it at their door with a letter on it. This has been a tradition for many, many years. Did we mention that these are also a great way to make ammends with your boss down?

First, before you have that basket customized, you need to figure out who it is for. Will it be for you sister, mother, female cousin, co worker, boss or grandmother? Do they like only organic items? Is there something that they are allergic to? Is there a certain scent that she likes to wear? You see, when it comes to choosing a gift basket like this, there are some things you need to know about the individual.

For those of you that are not purchasing a gift basket online and are making it by hand, you can purchase an empty basket in an arts and craft store. You can also find basket on the Internet for a cheap price. Add your own personal touch to it. Add stuff such as moisturizing lotions, hand soaps, body scrubs, makeup, small perfume, hand sanitizers, foot cream and anything else that comes to your mind when you think about the individual.

With the beauty gift baskets, feel free to be as creative as you need to be. You may want to include nail polish, their favorite shampoo, some comfortable cute little socks, a small book and a fashion magazine to round it all off. When you hand the gift basket over to your close friend or family member, we know they are going to have a big smile on their face.

Michael Raines shares his views about Gift Basket. For more information please visit http://www.rydergifts.co.uk

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/how-to-create-your-very-own-beauty-gift-baskets-1187541.html

Cool & Creative Gifts To Your Teacher

Author: ArticleSubmit Auto

DIY Gifts

Extravagance and waste of precious than the gift, small gift Gengrang DIY ingenuity of the teacher moved. For the vast majority of teachers is concerned, a flower, a card is enough to represent the child audience. DIY kids hands with a small gift, to express gratitude to the teachers, training the child's ability, but also training family child relationship. Why not?

A basket full of candy

I am afraid this is a love of sugar to prepare students for the teacher Teacher's Day gift. But not all teachers are not afraid of cavities Oh.Wow ~ seems that the little boy's teacher told Smith. Perhaps, he was sent to his favorite art teacher. The teacher makes up the name with a crayon in capital letters. Children's creativity really feeling infinite. If you have a beautiful teacher, then come out of her embroidery. Estimates the painting will hang beautiful teacher the most conspicuous place in the home. Just to guests, will be proud to say: This is my students sent me the Teacher's Day gift. If you are not so difficult embroidery works, then the same as the three students to something simple and practical. Teachers will be happy to endless.

Look, environmentalists debut friends. Find a large canvas bag, and then printed on their small fingerprints, sign their name. How can the teacher do not like. Board, long ruler, pens, preparation of this, it seems that the teacher's essential goods. In the Teacher's Day approaches, to shop for your piece to the production of a polymer clay teachers teaching aids it.

Handmade chocolates, cakes, sushi

Wuhan, West Point, now there are many DIY stores baking, you can make cookies, cakes, chocolate, cream puffs and other pastries. This year the most popular baked biscuits, various shapes of the mold can be baked a different way of biscuits, baked cookies cool finish, white chocolate and then write "Happy Teacher's Day" wishes to thank the word or words. Teacher's Day gift to get the teacher should be eaten in the mouth, sweet in the heart ah.

Graffiti gypsum, creative masks, colorful umbrellas, love picture frame

How to make a Thanksgiving greeting card, write a "tough teacher," more than anything to the precious gift of all. The simplest color cardboard cards fold to the children their graffiti paintings, write words of thanks, you can paste and craft patterns, ribbon buckle as decoration. Many teachers now have QQ, children can help parents to download the software, the production of greeting cards, QQ sent to the teacher. Simple words accompanied by the classic scene, will be moved to your teacher.

Pillow, knitting pen, cloth storage box

Teach children to make it a carnation, the method is not complicated. The color of the flower paper cut round and flat-shaped leaves, the flower petal fold, then fold 3 fold after a lace trim, and cut along each line, respectively, the Motif crease, so it looks realistic. The petals are bonded together to form a flower shape. Their embroidered cushion, pillow or cloth storage box, as Teacher's Day gift, all things are full of mind ah.

Exquisite candles, clay aids, color mug

DIY soap to wash their hands when the teacher will think of you, oh. This is a good Teacher's Day gift ideas. Wuhan now has some DIY skin care store can teach you to make the cold hand soap, Wanda Plaza, Plaza Optics Valley fragrance store also can make creative candles. Color mug on the Internet was very popular this year, many have launched a customization shop.

A really warm heart gift is usually not expensive. But you must spent your time to choose and pick it. Even you should make it yourself. You could also purchase with reasonable price on some gifts stores online.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/cool--creative-gifts-to-your-teacher-2046059.html

Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY Origami Decorations You Can Use for the Party

Hi, everyone, I hope your day went well, mine was busy with some phone calls. I am excited to share this interesting article I came across about do it yourself origami decorations to make for a party. I hope you enjoy the article and as always stay safe and have fun!

Author: mishaanatolia

Origami decorations look beautiful and very stylish. It takes some colored paper and folding skills to make incredible flowers, stars and other types of origami items that can be used during a party.

You will need time to experiment with origami ideas and to discover the patterns that are best for your type of party. Start early enough in order to have time for experimentation and pattern exploration.

A number of origami websites will provide you with instructions and ideas. Yet, you need something simple and beautiful enough. Some basic origami figures will turn into tremendous party decorations. Here are several shapes you can choose among.

Origami Stars
One of the easiest origami shapes to make is the star. A multitude of origami stars can be used to decorate the tables or to even make wall and curtain decorations.

To start, you will need a six-inch square piece of origami paper. Any color will be appropriate. You can have stars of many colors or you can stick to a single shade that corresponds to other party decorations.

Place on a table with the colored side facing the table. A side of the square needs to be turned towards you. Fold in half. The rectangle you get should be folded in half once again. You can now open and use the creases as your guides.

Fold the top right corner so that it faces the center. You will get a triangle. Repeat the same with the bottom left corner. Now fold the bottom right corner in the same way and get it unfolded once you are done.

Fold the paper at the horizontal center line. Once done, flip the paper over. Fold the top left corner towards the center. Unfold and flip. Take four other pieces of origami paper and do the same.

You are now ready to put the star together. You need to basically get the five triangles together by joining the backsides of the triangles you have already made.

Origami Flowers
Various types of flowers can be made of paper. The art of origami can be used to make lilies, daisies, lotuses or roses. Lilies look beautiful and very feminine. Such decorations will look great for all female-gatherings.

For an origami lily, you will need square pieces of origami paper – pink will do perfect but you can choose any other color that you prefer. Fold in half and once you get a rectangle – fold it in half once again. Form the creases and open.

Turn so that the colored side faces the table. Fold along the diagonals and open again. Hold the paper and turn the center points towards the bottom central line. You will now have a triangular piece.

Fold the top of the triangle towards the center. Unfold. Do the same with the other sides. The shape you will now be getting is a diamond. Fold it in half and get it opened. Lift the bottom part of the paper on the upper layer. Repeat until you do that to all sides of the paper.

The triangles should now be folded downwards. Turn the semi-ready flower upside down. Fold the outside flaps towards the center. The petals are now formed. You are getting a lily flower.

If you find the instructions difficult to follow, you can purchase origami kits. These contain all of the materials and the detailed instructions that you will need to make origami decorations. Enrolling into an origami class several weeks before the party takes place is another wonderful idea.

Misha Anatolia writes about relationships and party planning topics, like birthdays and bridal showers. If you are engaged and planning a bridal shower, then be sure to check out Misha's articles on bridal shower decorating and other bridal shower idea

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/diy-origami-decorations-you-can-use-for-the-party-2392559.html

Transforming your artwork on a canvas print

Author: andrew

How to transform your artwork to a canvas print is becoming a very big thing in today art and crafts ideas. It’s a brilliant way to show off your work and also a good way to make a little bit of extra money if you want to sell your artwork.

Having reproductions of your art printed onto canvas can be a big benefit to yourself and also to many people as it’s a way of showing your art in lots of different places without having to paint the masterpiece over and over again, it just make life allot easier if you want to show off your canvas artwork in as many ways as possible.
Thinking of the shows that many people attend today and the amount of art that is sold I think this could be a great idea. It can also be a very good way to get your name known as individual artists to. when choosing your canvas printing professional it might be a good idea to get a sample of their work first to see the quality of the canvas print and how your art looks on canvas, this will give you a good idea as to how your art will appear on canvas and what it would look like on a much larger scale.

Having artwork on canvas with interior design is also a very big trend now and has been proven to brighten and enhance your home in a way you couldn’t imagine. Canvas prints are used allot through TV programs like 24 hr makeover and other house building programmes as they have a unique way of giving life to a room and to your walls, it’s something i have on my own walls which give character and also shows your personality depending on the colour scheme you have in and around your home.

A Canvas print is also a perfect gif if your thinking of getting a friend or someone from the family a present and can’t find that something special then why not give them a piece of your canvas art which then can treasure for a long time and could even be passed down in your family from generation to generation as the ink that is used in canvas printing is normally lightfast and will last up to 150 years, but i would recommend that you ask the people you are going to be printing for you as they should have a bit more information on how long there materials are expected to last .

I always think of canvas prints or canvas artwork to be a very special thing and really does make a difference to your decoration in the home and it’s also a way of showing your true talent through printing your art on canvas. As long as it has the true likeness and has the right colour pigment throughout the canvas print then I’m sure all your art fans will be in favour of art canvas prints.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/transforming-your-artwork-on-a-canvas-print-2330705.html

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Make Splendid Mothers Day Gifts from Vibrant Quality Umbrellas

Author: maureenhamby

Mother's day is coming soon. It is probably the most emotional and celebrated days of the year. It's very special no matter what part of the world or culture you come from. Since it is your mom who has given birth to you, cared for you and nurtured you, oftentimes under very trying conditions. On that day, you want to give something back to this important person in your life, regardless of how old you are. Sending Mothers Day cards and giving gifts, like beautiful quality umbrellas, demonstrate you care and appreciate her. That should remind you both with regards to the past and reinvigorate the mother-child bond.

Being such an important day, it is possible to really tie yourself into knots when considering what Mother's Day presents to get her this year. You are looking at good mothers day gift ideas. How exactly will you make her really happy? You can find a lot of ways and mothers day gifts which can make your mom happy and so the choice should be daunting. You can't fail with the feelings of love and care for your mother in case you just go with your feelings.

You need to know that there is no such thing as a perfect gift, so if you are looking for THE Mother's Day gift, you are out of luck. However, should you follow some basic guidelines you can not fail. Making her feel happy, cherished, and treasured is one of importrant thing. You are in a position to do that as you are perhaps one of the few individuals who know your mom so closely and personally. You know her needs and wants. Is she of the literary bent; into lifestyle, fitness and personal development; arts and crafts; travel and outdoors? Or maybe she is into fashion and beauty.

To choose a few categories of gifts is the very first thing to undertake Thereafter you can create a short list of sub-categories and individual components in each to limit the selection. Remember something special that meets all your criteria that will be of everyday use is smart and valuable.

As an example, one of many colorful and fashionable custom imprinted quality umbrellas that is wind resistant and goes well with her other accesories to make a statement in style like her other accessories, would be a perfect mothers day gift. This gift not simply protects her from rain and shine, but it also suits her taste of style.

If included in many social activities and parties, your mom would definitely love stylish apparell that matches with her wardrobe. For any person on the go, a good accessory would be a new quality umbrella that is colorful and fashionable, yet lasts a long time.

If she is associated with golf being a fan or a player, surely pick from a number of quality umbrellas and present her a large and durable golf umbrella that goes well with her other golf accessories. Apart from her golf interest, if she is active in any other sports or fitness activities, Quality Umbrellas that are durable, wind resistant, colorful and protect her from rain as well as harmful sun's rays make perfect mother's day gift ideas.

If your mom is a career woman with a taste in style, executive gifts like a fashionable briefcase or satchel; leather tote bag or a desk organizer; picture frames or business card holders, are perfect gift ideas. A complementing colorful custom imprinted quality umbrella would be a perfect gift for an executive on the go.

Diamonds and costly Mothers Day Jewelry, if you're able to afford them, can't ever go wrong . However, if it is not in your budget, then another extremely popular choice could be a fashionable handbag which comes in an excellent number of styles and functions. A present that could make her feel totally special can be a customized handbag. Furthermore, a complementing, personalized quality fashion umbrella should be a wonderful gift by itself.Every style conscious mom should have substantial space in her wardrobe and bags for cosmetics and various skin care products. Many of these personal care products might be individualized just as can be a fashion bag to hold them. A cool personalized quality umbrella to go with it or on its own would be a great choice at the same time.

For every mom who appreciates style and fashion accessories can feel extra feminine and beautiful with gifts including, a beautiful silk scarf, gloves, blazers with accents and touches, and matching hand bags. An amazing addition can be a matching fashion umbrella from various colorful Quality Umbrellas and Beyond.On the contrary, if your mom is not a big fan of style or her fashion style isn't so modern, then Mother's Day can be great opportunity to softly and subtly move your mom towards a more today's look and style.

It's important that you get your mom a gift which you can comfortably pay for and that is considerate. How much a gift costs or how much you really can afford isn't the real measure of true love and care you ought to express. You can choose from various amazing quality umbrellas in an budget friendly cost range. These durable umbrellas will last a long time constantly reminding her of your thoughtfulness and love in rain or shine.

Ultimately, wrapping and presentaion of the gift is equally significant too. A very heart warming and touching gift is amazing your mom with a skillfully and beautifully created Mother's day gift basket which contains one or more previously described gifts. It crystallizes the thoughts, time and attention you paid in selecting one of these special items and arranging them to make her feel loved and cherished. A nice and colorful quality umbrella in this basket can be a perfect way to show your appreciation and present her a gift which will protect her in style from rain and shine.A great way to show your thanks should be to add a elegant and vibrant quality umbrella in this basket. An umbrella which will guard her in style from rain and shine for a long time.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/make-splendid-mothers-day-gifts-from-vibrant-quality-umbrellas-1493717.html

Craft Kits for Children to Keep Them Busy

Author: Arts Teacher

There is nothing more frustrating than a bored child who whines all day for something to do. For times when your kids are bored and nothing seems to keep them occupied, it is a good idea to have a supply of craft projects on hand. Craft activities for kids will keep children busy for hours but better still, they stimulate their creative side so that their imagination gets a good workout. Doing craft also helps to increase their patience and small motor skills as many craft activities require placing small items into a specific location. Bead work, paper tole, scrapbooking, and even knitting and crochet can interest children, depending on their ages.
It is not until you walk into a specialist craft store such as Craft Supplies NZ, or go online to look for craft stores that you realise just how many beautiful craft ideas there are. If you don’t know what your child would like to do, take them with you to the store or let them look online with you to see what is available. Choose the simplest craft kits at first so that your child will not be overwhelmed with the task. Once they gain the necessary skills, they may be able to accomplish a more complicated craft project. Or they may find it was not to their liking and want to try something different.
When children get interested in craft they will always have something to do and they will take pride and delight in their creations. Some craft kits contain small pieces while others may include messy activities such as gluing or painting. Be sure to provide a well-lit area that is protected from spills for them to do their craft. Make sure it is away from younger members of the family who may ruin it. Sheets of newspaper or plastic sheeting over the table and floor will be enough for protection. Additionally the child may need to wear an apron.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/craft-kits-for-children-to-keep-them-busy-1916674.html

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi everyone, Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope the luck of the Irish is with you today. I am so excited to share this with you, I came across an interesting article all about craft ideas for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. I hope you enjoy the article and as always stay safe and have fun!

 Loved ones Exciting Crafts - Just Like the Good Ole Days!

Author: Joseph Lawson

If you bake the cookies in advance, decorating them can be a exciting exercise for the entire family members to do with each other.

Have a green dinner: Serve as quite a few green meals as possible (salad, green beans, and pea soup are all healthful possibilities, or add green meals coloring to meals to get the tint you want). For dessert, Use mint chocolate chip ice cream to make "leprechaun milkshakes." You can also make a shake by adding some peppermint extract and green foods coloring to vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Here is an activity that is great for talking about styles and earning a adorable St. Patrick's Day craft at the identical time. Working with black building paper, minimize out a 4-inch square. Then cut a rectangle about six inches extended and two inches vast. Glue the square to the rectangle to type a major hat. Tiny small children might enjoy a distinctive existing left by a "leprechaun"-look and feel for St. Patrick's Day party favors like small hats or pots, and fill with tiny prizes. Leave these out on St. Patrick's day for the little ones to discover. Warning: If you do this after, assume to do it every year!

Sprinkle "leprechaun dust" (aka gold glitter) all-around the home, so everybody can inform a leprechaun visited!

St. Patrick's Day can be a good deal of enjoyable. With excellent foods, crafts, video games, and your creativeness, you can go past the putting on of the green to celebrate with your loved ones.

Easter can be a good time of celebration, a four-day spouse and children break filled with pleasurable Easter activities the complete family members can do with each other. Kid would like to understand imaginative approaches with Mother/Dad, for illustration craft function. How about making an attempt some new Easter recipes to impress your good friends and relatives? There are some terrific suggestions for you and your small ones that are guaranteed to get their minds (and it's possible hands as well) off all those chocolates for a while. Having said that, with Easter coming nearer, it is finest to commence organizing from now.

From Easter crafts to recipes, right here are 5 Easter actions tips that your relatives might appreciate:

one.Easter Cards :

It is excellent activity for little ones. If you have buddies and family members in distance, these cards can be sent to them and can be treasured by framing it or incorporating it into your scrap booking album. What you will will need is just some colourful cardboards from nearby artwork materials retailers and lower them into submit card dimension occasions 2 (as you will require to fold it later on). Then minimize out or make numerous styles (egg shapes and animal styles are some of kids' favourites) from different colours of cardboards, papers, or even items of material. Let your children lower on their own with child-pleasant scissors.

two.Making Easter Bunny Ears :

Kids adore this effortless and exciting exercise and they love to wear them as well. All you require are colourful cardboards or thick paper and glue. Print and minimize out the bunny ears using the white cardboard then minimize a pair of scaled-down ears utilizing the pink/blue cardboard/paper.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/loved-ones-exciting-crafts--just-like-the-good-ole-days-2316962.html

A photo collage and Stamping on pressboard

Hi, everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I am sorry it;s been a few days since I posted anything. I had some personal things come up that kept me away from my computer. the good thing is I'm back and ready to share an interesting craft idea I came across while searching the internet. Check it out below and as always stay safe and have fun!

Author: angela bradley

A collage is actually an art technique which means making by sticking numerous pieces of paper, materials, wood, stone dust or other objects on the surface. A frameworked collage is an ideal gift for grandmas, grandads, godparents as well as the various other family members. Your child will enjoy making a collage . The basis from the collage  can be created with the earlier mentioned processes. It's important to regulate the background shade of the scene. The scenes from a open-air areas are ideal for constructing all these collages .
The snowfall landscapes, the dynamics that awakens, the roses are only a part of the offer for creating collages . A snowfall landscape could be displayed using natural cotton, coconut flour, sparkly sequins, fabric, and photographs from  catalogues you may also turn your own photo to art collage  by merging distinct photos . The love collage  is one of the simplest creative ideas.
American way of producing tarnished glass
In European countries, the identified approach to producing discolored glass is a few tradition. That's not an instance in the United States. The U . s . perception of attractiveness recognizes translucent faceted glass that forms the basis from the discolored glass. The smaller glasses have uncommon pattern, that are finished. There isn't any staining of the glass or baking in kilns and the glass is clear.  Occasionally the glass is produced in totally different sizes and in vast amounts. The glass is in the catalogues so you can buy it on the internet.
Stamping on pressboard is a graphic method just like linocuts and the woodcuts. Which means that a single matrix or the clich? (processed platter with concave, convex or smooth images for printing) gives a lot of the exact same prints.  In this technique we do not cut the interspaces, we slice the pieces which are draw from the pressed paper and we stick them about the card board to create an artistic form as well as an pop art painting.
The process:
1st Very first, sketch imaginary forms with the pencil.
2. Then eliminate the shapes in the cardboard.
3. Glue the cuted shapes on a solid surface.
4th. Put the color about the plate and put ten droplets of glycerin in it.
5th. Apply the color about the matrix, the roller or the brush.
6th. Put the paper about the matrix and press it with your hand.
7. Enhance the final print. The process could be repeated many times depending on the quality of the pressed paper.
8th. At the conclusion we sign paper having a pencil, as a signature.
The same technique can be used to create a pop art portrait
 Monotype is a manner of making only one print (monos = one, tipos = imprint). We use plate of solid components like matrix that don't absorb the color. We color an image on the plate with  watercolor and make up a kind of pop art painting in Warhol style. We place the paper about the image, we press it about the plate and the print is completed. Because all the color is placed on the paper we now have only one print. In the professional groups the question continues to be open when the monotype is a graphic technique or not.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/a-photo-collage-and-stamping-on-pressboard-2154568.html

About the Author: Independent writer. Born In High Point ,North Carolina currently working and living in Williamsville, NY


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Five Exciting Crafts to Make With Small children

Author: Joseph Lawson

Varnish more than the full cup when the paint is dry.

four. Material printing. Decorate a tray or table napkin.

What you want - Some Greens cut in fifty percent, a knife, sponge, material paint, some material cut to the dimensions you want, cookie cutter.

a. Use the sponge to spread a very little paint on to 50 percent a carrot

b. Gently press it down on to the fabric. Print a row of carrots on the cloth.

c. Press the cookie cutter into a potato lower absent the excess potato with a knife.

d. Use the sponge to set some diverse color paint on the formed potato.

e. Applying the sponge set some paint on an apple halved and press onto the fabric doing a quite design.

f. Leave to dry.

five. Glass painting. This is a fantastic way of recycling empty jars and bottles.

What you need - range of jars and bottles, paint brush, watersoluble glass paint, outliner in black or gold.

a. Wash and dry the glass.

b. Using the outliner paint mark a pattern of flowers, stars or what ever you would like to paint, on to the glass. You can also write a name or initials.

c. When the outline is dry paint the style and design with your selected colours. Leave to dry in advance of applying.

d. Glass paint also performs perfectly on plastic containers and can be applied for a lot of various things.

Easter can be a terrific time of celebration, a 4-day family members break filled with exciting Easter activities the complete household can do with each other. Baby would like to learn imaginative tactics with Mother/Dad, for illustration craft do the job. How about attempting some new Easter recipes to impress your good friends and family? There are some excellent strategies for you and your minor ones that are positive to get their minds (and maybe hands too) off these chocolates for a although. However, with Easter coming nearer, it is best to start off setting up from now.

From Easter crafts to recipes, the following are 5 Easter actions suggestions that your family could like:

one.Easter Cards :

It is great activity for youngsters. If you have friends and relatives in distance, these cards can be sent to them and can be treasured by framing it or including it into your scrap booking album. What you will will need is just some colourful cardboards from local art supplies outlets and reduce them into submit card dimensions times two (as you will require to fold it later on). Then cut out or make a variety of shapes (egg shapes and animal shapes are some of kids' favourites) from diverse colours of cardboards, papers, or even items of fabric. Allow your little ones lower by themselves with child-friendly scissors.

two.Producing Easter Bunny Ears :

Little ones adore this easy and pleasurable exercise and they enjoy to use them also. All you have to have are colourful cardboards or thick paper and glue. Print and minimize out the bunny ears making use of the white cardboard then lower a pair of smaller sized ears employing the pink/blue cardboard/paper. Glue the ears onto the white ears so the pink/blue resembles the within of the bunny's ears.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/five-exciting-crafts-to-make-with-small-children-2308454.html

Make a Fairy Garden for Your Kids Party

Author: babulal

This project is a truly unique kids party activity, combining fun, fantasy, and learning. Kids love getting their hands dirty and learning how things grow. They will also love the idea of making a magical garden place for a fairy to live.

A miniature garden takes little space and can rest on a tabletop. Maintenance requires only a light misting from time to time and watching for fairies to come to call. Just kidding about that last part, but you never know...

Start by collecting various containers such as woven baskets, large shallow bowls or deep dish clay saucers (like a birdbath), or even discarded bureau drawers. Check yard sales for innovative ideas and inexpensive materials.

Next, supply potting soil and a selection of small plants that will reach under a foot when fully grown. Dwarf zinnias, marigolds, violets, ivy, baby's tears and sprigs of vinca are all good choices. There are many types of mosses that will work nicely too, fitting into corners and small areas easily to add texture and interest. A variety of low-growing herbs such as thyme and rosemary lend aroma to the mix as well.

Start by lining your garden container with heavy duty plastic, fill to within an inch of the top with potting soil then kids are ready to landscape the top. Let them choose their favorite diminutive plants, interspersing them with various materials to add charm and character to the fairy garden.

For example, turn a colorful plant pot on its side and submerge it halfway in the soil to serve as a proper fairy dwelling. Add dollhouse sized furniture to set in the garden, popsicle sticks to construct a fairy fence, or small flat rocks to make a wonderful stepping stone path.

A small mirror symbolizing water making a faux gazing pool. The round flat glass beads
used in vases make nice accent pieces too. Tiny garden accessories like terra cotta pots and shovels give your garden a "lived-in" look.

Fairy gardens needn't be for little girls only. Boys can make a miniature dinosaur den using many of the same materials. Herbs, moss and other green plants can make a forest or wooded area in which small plastic dinosaurs return from extinction to live another day. Soil mounded to one side forms a volcano, spilling red aquarium stone lava.
A construction site garden is another option for boys. Tiny rocks, stick logs, and craft stick lumber can be stacked up waiting for the big rigs to move them. Small toy bulldozers and cranes can be scattered about, among the plantings.

These whimsical gardens can go wherever your child's imagination takes them. You provide the materials, they supply the ideas and creativity. Planting and maintaining a miniature garden teaches kids about plants, caring for living things, and most all the fun of gardening.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/make-a-fairy-garden-for-your-kids-party-1250126.html

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How to Make Your Own Teddy Bear

Author: Jamie

You have decided to surprise a loved one. You know how important and amazing it is to create a present yourself.

Teddy bears are traditional gifts for children and for loved ones. The teddy bear is a classical item that will never go out of fashion. It is cute, it is fun and it is certainly connected to positive emotions.

You probably feel intimidated by the idea of creating the teddy bear yourself. Relax. In fact, making your own teddy bear is far from excessively complex. You will need to find a template and the appropriate materials. The rest is about putting your sleeves up and testing your creative skills.

Materials You Will Need
To make a teddy bear on your own, you will have to purchase a number of materials. You will certainly have to get the following:

-    fabric for the teddy’s exterior
-    stuffing (old pieces of clothing, cotton)
-    buttons or beads for the eyes
-    fabric in different color for the tummy and paws
-    threads
-    glue
-    scissors
-    vellum
-    anything else you want in order to decorate the teddy bear – ribbons, glitter

Teddy Bear Making Procedure
You will first need to find an online template. This template will have the shapes of all pieces that you will need to cut out and sew together, in order to make the head, ears, hands, legs and body. Certainly, you can purchase one from craft stores. In this instance, you will need to pay for the template.

Draw the template pieces on vellum paper and cut these out. Use the pieces to draw them on the brown fabric. Cut out the pieces.

Follow the template instructions. Certain pieces will have to be sewed together, so that the different teddy bear pieces get formed. Leave small openings before sewing all the way through. These will be used to put the stuffing inside.

Use cotton or fabric to stuff the limbs, head and body. Make sure that the material is of sufficient quantity so that the teddy bear feels fluffy and dense enough. Sew the pieces all the way and remove any threat remainders.

Sew the head to the body along the neckline. Sew the legs and the arms to the body in the appropriate spots, as marked on the template.

Cut, sew and attach the ears. These can either be stuffed or one-dimensional. Glue on the buttons that you want to have as the eyes.

You can use a different color of fabric, glitter or a permanent marker to draw the nose and mouth of the teddy. The same applies to the belly button.

Stick fabric circles in different color to the tops of the arms and the legs. This will be the teddy’s paws.

Tie a ribbon around its neck or maybe you can even create an outfit (or several of those) for the teddy).

Remember that you will need some sewing skills to make a professionally-looking teddy bear. If you lack skills, you might ask a friend for some help. For best results, use a sewing machine. It is also important to keep in mind that even if the teddy looks far from store-bought, it will be appreciated. It is all about making an effort and trying to please a loved one.

Jamie Highland writes about various family and baby topics. For more info or to check out the  teddy bear baby shower theme or some baby shower gifts, visit My Baby Shower Favors. If you want more articles, visit our site and click on the Contact Us link.

Note: You can reprint this article in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active and dofollow.

Article Source: http://www.a1articles.com/how-to-make-your-own-teddy-bear-2320005.html

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How to Make Your Own Paper

Author: Criss White

Many people feel curious about making their own paper. This craft will result in the creation of unique pieces of paper that can be used as decorations, cards and even notepads. Such accessories will be very efficient for parties – just imagine making your own baby shower cards and invitations.

Before getting started, you need to understand the basic paper-making technologies. Two strategies can be utilized. Paper is either made through the extraction of cellulose from plants or through the recycling of old paper.

When you are working at home, you will find it easier to create recycled paper. Apart from the fact that you will have much fun, you will be doing something beneficial in terms of nature preservation.

Your first attempts could result in failure or paper that looks different from what you had imagined. Follow these steps carefully and keep on trying until the final results correspond to your needs and preferences.

Paper recycling in its heart is very simple. You will have to put old paper in water and turn it into pulp. This pulp has to be placed in a mould or filtered through a screen. Once the water drains away, you will be getting your pieces of homemade paper.

Step 1: Cutting the Old Paper
Get some old paper that you would want to recycle. Cut it into small pieces or get it shredded.

The pieces need to be relatively small. Use a blender to turn those into pulp. The basic rule of making pulp is that you will need sufficient amounts of warm water. Let the shredded paper soak for a little while. You will then be able to easily create pulp.

When blending, you can add decorations to the paper. Coloring it is one option. You can also use feathers, plant leaves or threads that will form beautiful patterns, once your paper dries.

Step 2: Straining the Paper
To get paper, you will need to remove the water from the pulp. A common household screen can be used for that purpose.

You can also make your own screen. Place two layers of gauze on top of each other. Stretch those well and use a frame to keep the screen drawn tight. Pour an even layer of pulp onto the screen. Give it some time until most of the water is already filtered out.

Step 3: Get Your Paper Dry
The dried pulp is a single sheet of paper. You will have to be careful when taking it out of the screen since the pulp is still relatively wet.

Take a piece of fabric and cover the paper. Use a blanket to press against that surface gently and evenly. The aim is to soak in as much water, as possible. Repeat this procedure several times. Stop pressing as soon as the blanket remains dry.

Keep the fabric on top of the paper and the screen. Turn the screen around so that the paper will now lay on the piece of fabric. Remove the screen. Put another piece of fabric on top of the first one.

To get the paper completely dry, you can use your iron. Use the lowest level of heat possible. Press strongly and feel the fabric. If it feels dry, your paper is ready. Take the top piece of fabric away from your paper very carefully.

This is the simplest procedure to make paper at home. It will be thicker and different in color from the paper that you can purchase. Still, your homemade paper can be used in the creation of unique gifts and cards that will make many people happy.

Criss White writes about party planning topics and enjoys making paper crafts like baby shower notepads. For more ideas for baby shower crafts and other art projects, visit the blog at My Baby Shower Favors.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How to Make Your Own Paper (From Your Old Jeans)

Author: Alison wood

Have you ever wished there was some use for your old, stained, mangled jeans?  They're too thrashed to donate to charity or even to make a decent pair of cutoffs, but you hate to send them to the landfill.  You could cut them into squares for a quilt, but if you're being honest, you'll probably never get around to making it and the fabric will just take up space in your closet for the next five years.  There is, however, an excellent way to recycle your old jeans and make them into a new and useful product: by turning them into paper.  All that's really required for paper-making is fibers of some sort, so the hardest part of using your jeans is going to be separating out the fibers.

1. To begin the process of breaking down the fabric, cut it into approximately 1-inch squares (no need to be precise).  Remove the seams or anything else that is double-layered since it will be too tough to work with.  Ditto on any metal parts.

2. Set up a large pot of boiling water and dump in the jean material so that it is fully submerged.  Leave it on a low boil for about an hour (do not let it boil over).  Some fibers should begin to break off during this process, but much of the fabric may remain intact (albeit loosened).

3. This next step is going to sound a little strange, but it is probably the easiest way to finish breaking apart your fibers (short of buying industrial equipment).  Put about 1 cup of fabric into your food processor along with 1 cup of water (from the pot is fine), ¼ cup of Elmer's glue, and one teaspoon each of salt and cornstarch.  Blend all ingredients until the contents are fairly smooth.  Repeat until all jean material is pulp.  *If you do this often, your blade will quickly become dull, so you may want to have a food processor devoted to your craft to ensure that the one you use for food is nice and sharp when you go to make your pesto).

4. For the next step, you'll need a frame (that is the size you want your paper to be.  You can use an old screen window (which can make fairly large sheets), staple screen mesh onto a smaller frame, or simply use a piece of heavy felt cut to size.  Keep in mind that different frames will produce different textures of paper, so feel free to experiment.  Once your jean pulp is blended, simply pour it onto your frame (you may want to do this over the sink for easier cleanup).

5. The thickness of your paper will be determined by how much pulp you pour onto the frame, so start slowly.  When the frame is full, press the pulp down evenly with your hands or use a rolling pin to press it flat.  Add more if it seems too thin.  If there is leftover pulp, save it for later in a sealed jug or bucket.

6. Lay your frames out to dry for twenty-four hours in an area that has little moisture (a dank basement will not do the trick, and you may not want to leave it outdoors overnight, either).

7. When your paper is dry, simply peel it off the frame.  With practice, you will be able to make sheets of roughly equal thickness every time, so don't get discouraged if they seem uneven or lumpy at first.  Use your handmade paper for stationary, card stock, or wrapping paper and dress it up with some metallic thread, embossing tools, or stamps.


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Fun Easter Ideas

Author: mark

In the Christian world, Easter is a celebration of life and resurrection. It is that time of the year when both children and those who are young at heart enjoy and celebrate day of fun and relaxation. This wonderful festivity is also the perfect time where you, your family, and your friends, can bond and enjoy each other's company.

Here are some tips and ideas on how to make your Easter even more fun and memorable:

Find the bunny
Instead of using the traditional Easter egg, why not use a cute bunny. You can either use a live bunny or a stuffed bunny and let your little ones find this cute pet in your garden.

Easter egg hunting
Easter would never be complete without a fun and exciting egg hunting activity. You can make this game more exciting by assigning a prize to a particular egg color. For instance, you can create a blue Easter egg as a consolation prize. Likewise, you can hide a golden egg, as this can be your grand Easter egg prize.

Create your own Easter egg
Your kids will surely fall in love with crafts and painting. You can plan a "create your own Easter egg activity" where the kids can paint and design their very own Easter egg. You can do this with a long table complete with all the tools and materials. For more information and tips On Fun Easter Ideas visit, http://funeasterideas.com

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How to make a glitter mason jar bank

Hello, everyone good afternoon I hope your all having a good day. I have had better days my daughter woke up sick this morning with a stomach bug, so its been a long morning.
I would like to share with you a fun idea I did using a mason. I have always liked all the different and unique piggy banks that are around right now. The only problem is they are always so expensive and not worth the money. I have come up with a bank that is made out of a simple mason jar. My daughter loves Frozen so I decided to make her a Frozen bank. You don't have to make a Frozen bank you can choose any design you want and colors of glitter, the choices are endless you decide. The steps are the same for any design you decide to choose.
Step: 1 Choose the type of mason jar you want to use, any size works just make sure they come with a lid.

Step: 2 Use a computer to find a free picture design of your choosing and use a colored printer to print the design out. You might have to print a few out in different sizes to get the size you need. After you have the picture you want cut it to the size you need.

Step: 3 You will need to buy Mod Podge Clear glue to use to glue the design or designs on the smooth side or sides of the mason jar.

Step: 4 Choose the color of glitter you want to use, I used three different colors of glitter, make sure when you go to buy glitter I do recommend the fine glitter , not the thick and chunky glitter. Using a paint brush paint mod podge glue on the mason jar be careful when going around the design so you don't get glitter on the picture, always make sure the picture is dry before adding glitter to the jar. Only put as much glue on the area you want that color of glitter to be present. Do the same for each side using the desired color of glitter when done let dry. You will need at least to coats of glitter.

Step: 5 After the glue has dried you will need to coat  the whole jar in glue including the pictures, it's to seal
everything together so the glitter doesn't come off.

Step: 6 Now take the lid of the jar to make the opening for the bank you can use the removable part of the lid and cut a slit big enough to fit coins of different sizes. i didn't have a way to make a slit in the medal so what I did is used a piece of cardboard and using the round removable part of the lid I traced around it and made a circle the same sizes as the inner part of the lid. Cut a slit in the cardboard and using the glue and glitter decorate the cardboard lid with your desired color. After it dries put the lid back together and twisted onto the jar.
Now you have a beautiful glitter bank to enjoy and collect money, and only for less then half of the cost of a store boughten one.
I hope you enjoyed this project and have a fun time making one of your own, thanks for checking in and as always stay safe and have fun.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Cinderella Cupcake Castle for birthday

Welcome everyone, I hope your all having a good morning. I am so excited I just came across a picture of a cupcake birthday cake I did for my daughter at her 4th birthday party. My daughter loves Cinderella and for her 4th birthday she wanted a Cinderella party. I love decorating so I thought it would be fun to make her Cinderella's castle for her birthday cake. She said she wanted a Cupcake cake, so i thought what a fun idea but to make her a castle out of the cup cakes. It took me a little while to get it just right, but as you can see from the picture it turned out perfect. The idea is very simple all you have to do is pick the flavor of cupcakes you want and what type of frosting you want to use. I went with the Pillsbury white frosting, depending on how big you make the castle you will need at least 2 cans of frosting maybe 3.
The first thing you need is a board or sheet thick enough to hold at least 30 cupcakes, wrap the board in aluminum foil and tape the foil down on the backside so it doesn't come off. The first step is to make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box, let the cupcakes cool completely before assembly and frosting. After the cupcakes are cooled place them on the board. Start out with three rows of nine cupcakes. To make the towers on the end you will need five cupcakes, start on the right and add two cupcakes above the second cupcake in and add two more above that to make the tower, to make the steeple add one cupcake and place it directly in the middle of the two cupcakes. do the same thing on the leftside.
To make the main castle tower find the middle and stack six cupcakes in rows of two, you can use more if you you want the tower higher its up to you. Then do the same thing you did for the smaller towers add one cupcake in the middle to make the steeple.
Now all you have left to do is frost the cupcakes and decorate it anyway you like, the best way to frost the cupcakes is to buy a frosting kit with tips and plastic bags. Make your desired color using food coloring and then frost away. I made my daughters castle gray and then used pink and blue frosting gel along with candy balls to make the door and windows on the castle. The finale step I did is I purchased some small Cinderella figurines to put on the top. The choices for decorations are endless, so have fun designing the cake anyway you like. I had such a great time sharing this with you, I hope you enjoyed it and as always stay safe and have fun.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fun project 2D cupcake made out of paper

Hello, everyone it is another day and I would love to share with you a fun project you can do with the kids at home. My daughter came home last week from school with a neat art project she did. She told me they got to make there very own large cupcakes out of paper and that she had so much fun making it.
After seeing the finished cupcake I thought that would be a fun idea for my blog to share with my followers. The picture below is the completed cupcake she brought home from school.

The supplies you are going to need are different colors of construction paper, different colors of a thicker paper like card stock, a bottle of Elmer's glue, and a scissors.

Step: 1 choose a two pieces of card stock paper to make the cupcake and another sheet to make the cupcake holder.

Step: 2 take one piece of card stock and using the scissors cut it into the shape of the cupcake, after you finish cutting the cupcake out set it aside and grab the other piece of card stock and use the scissors and cut it into the shape of the cupcake holder or paper.

Step: 3 take the cupcake holder you just cut out set it on a hard surface like the table or counter top. Going the long way from left to right fold the paper up then down to make the folds in the cupcake paper as shown on the picture.

Step: 4 Now take the different colors of construction paper and choose what color you are going to want for the frosting on the cupcake. My daughter chose pink for her frosting with different colored sprinkles and a red cheery on top.

Step: 5  take the colored construction paper you chose for the frosting and tear it into pieces, tear enough pieces so you can fill up the whole cupcake. Using the Elmer's glue take each piece one by one and glue it onto the cupcake, make sure to fill in the whole cupcake with the paper.

Step: 6 take different colors of construction paper and cut out strips of different colors to make sprinkles to put on the cupcake, cut then to your desired size to fit your cupcake.

Step: 7 take a piece of red construction paper and using the scissors cut out a circle to make the cheery that will go on top. using the glue, glue on the sprinkles and the cherry on to the cupcake.

Step: 8 using the glue take the cupcake and glue it onto the cupcake holder and there you have it your done and now you have your very own 2D cupcake.

I hope you enjoyed this fun art project, I sure had fun teaching it to you. have a great rest of your day and as always stay safe and have fun.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Welcome to the My Little Crafts Corner Blog

Hi, all my wonderful Facebook followers and to all of you that are not following my Facebook page welcome.
This blog has been a long time coming, I don't have a lot of money and finding a blogging website that doesn't charge a lot of money can be a challenge. I have done so much trial and error to find a Facebook page that finally gets more then a couple of followers so thank you for that.
Alright so enough of my life story on making a page work.
I want to thank you again for following me and like things I post, I find it fascinating all the wonderful things you can find post on Facebook. I noticed your favorite post so far was the one on how to spray paint plants on a leaf, I thought it was so interesting I had to share. I'm not sure if I would be able to do that but it is still cool to watch.
I also post one about reusing your kids broken crayons, my daughter and I just recently did that last year and it worked out great. All you need is a few molds you can buy at the store ones used for jello will work or any ones you can find. All you have to do is separate the different colors of crayons into piles and melt each color in a pan separately and then pour it into the mold. Let it cool and harden for about an hour or two and there you have it fun shaped crayons your kids will enjoy using.
P.S if you like you can also pour two different colors into the molds to make multicolored crayons, they make neat designs and are fun to use.
The picture above is the crayons my daughter and I made, we used a ice cube tray for some and the butterfly and duck one were made with her play doh cookie cutter molds, there was a hole on the bottom but I just covered it up with tape.
I had a wonderful time writing to you I hope you found this post fun and informational and I am looking forward to sharing more fun easy craft ideas with you, and as always stay safe and have fun.

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